Computer Aplplications Group looked at the Microsoft Windows File Explorer and discussed some basic things we can do with USB Memory Sticks (aka Flash Drives).

With a registered USB Device, either a Memory Stick or External Hard Drive, Right Click the device name to get options.

right click
 Looking at the image above note the Blue Highlight over the Device Name.
If you just want to rename the USB Device without deleting the contents, right click the name and choose 'Rename'
Then type over the existing name with a new name.
To Erase all the contents, choose 'Format'. The will wipe everything, (no go back), which is why you get a warning dialog box.

Image Three, the Warning that EVERYTHING will be erased.

format dialog

Image Four, All gone, the format is complete.

format complete

Image Five, Safely Eject a Device.

There is a risk that data files are not closed for many reasons. Just removing the USB device without ejecting it using Windows can cause data loss and in the worst case corupt the USB device.