It’s that  time of the year  before Christmas overwhelms you, to think about planning your  U3A activities for 2017.
Why  not  really  challenge yourself by  learning a language - specifically  Spanish?

Some of you  would have heard me speak at  the last  General Meeting  about  the personal growth our class has had learning conversational  Spanish with our  tutor, Catherine Bear. She is a  really clever, patient  teacher.
She is looking to  start  another course in about February next  year.
It  will be 10  weeks duration, is held every  fortnight and consists of 90  minute classes involving quite intense learning of the verb forms, lots of vocab and involves plenty of practice.
 Spanish is the second – most used language in the world.
Those of you  are  interested can email me at  or contact me on 07-5742392.
Graeme Wilson