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Rotorua Canopy Tour, 4th November

A group of four Weekend Walkers were brave enough to go on a 3 hour adventure with Rotorua Canopy Tours.

We met at their headquarters in Rotorua and were kitted out with jackets, head gear, and lots of harness gear like on a parachute. We were in a party of 9 persons of which 5 were overseas tourists and were driven to Danseys Road Mamaku DOC forest park. This area of 500ha. Is an unlogged forestry area with 500 year old giant trees and monster tree ferns. The journey traverses a 1.2km network of ziplines, suspended bridges and tree top platforms up to 22 metres above the ground.

We walked into the forest with our 2 guides and a learner guide, to our first platform where we were hooked on to the zipline with 2 carabineers and sent on our way zooming along the wire, turning along the way and arriving safely into the hands of our guide. We were hooked onto a wire around the tree and waited for the others to join us. Then we each walked along a suspended bridge to the next tree platform and waited for the next thrill. There were 6 ziplines the longest being 220 metres. One of our guides took photos of the event as it unfolded which they then downloaded onto their website for us to download for our own enjoyment. On our walk we were told about the history and the Conservation and trapping for the pests in this beautiful area of bush.

What a thrill we had and some wanted a second trip around as we were just getting the hang of it!

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