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February 11th Weekend Walkers welcomed 5 new members, 20 persons went on our first walk for 2017 to Aongatete Bush.

We had our morning tea in a purpose built shelter before going over a style and entering the green lush bush. We met a couple who were checking the traps for possums and they showed us all how it is done. We then continued along a track with many roots to negotiate before coming to a high rope swing in a huge tree which 2 of our more adventurous members with much encouraging had to try it out. On arriving at the Aongatete Lodge in which a group were staying we sat for a while. Some decided that lunch was calling so they went back to the cars and headed for the shelter for lunch. Others decided to investigate the 30 min. track to the swimming hole in a stream. The track was steep towards the end and 5 persons were brave enough to venture to the bottom, whilst  the others retreated back as lunch time was well overdue.

The day was a beautiful sunny day for our first adventure for 2017.  Thank you all for coming and making this a great day. Nancye

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