The Acoustic Performers Group is for all singers and acoustic musicians.

The group is now approaching its 3rd month and things are going smoothly although we are not into top gear by any means.

Our focus in the first 6 months is about getting 5 brackets, each of about 20 songs, each in a different genre, prepared and rehearsed.

It is then we will start taking on helping people with fund raising by putting on a sing a long for them. I want to make it quite clear though that if you just want to come along and play the first and 3rd Wednesday’s in a month that is fine. There is no compunction to do the performing side of things in our group. Lang and I have no great desire to perform actually but we do have a desire to help people and share our love of music. There are many students out there who need assistance to fund a school trip, a sporting training camp or attendance at a Science Fair.  We can do that with music. But it is not limited to students. Play groups, sports teams and care groups are all desperate for funds. We hope to be in a position to provide the sing-a-long experience that suits our audience and will raise the funds required, or at least help.

This is how it works. Someone approaches us, maybe through the school, Lions or Rotary about the need with help in raising funds. We will assess the merits of helping that person or organization and agree to help. We play for free.

We agree on a date, probably a Saturday night. The whole show would be about 3 hours .

The applicant finds a venue, sets it up with trestle and chairs I would imagine and pre-sells tickets for whatever price they feel comfortable with ,to family and friends .[ Probably $15 to $20, after all its all for a good cause!]

They would put on a light supper, maybe a few chippies on the table. The event would be BYO and is supposed to be a sing -a -long with words projected on a screen for the audience/participants. It is sort of a cross between a show, music hall and beer fest but not quite so raucous! But the aim is lots of fun.

We have 14 in our group at present and want to get that up to 35 although on performance night we would probably have no more than 12 on stage. 

We would LOVE a lead guitarist, someone who plays steel guitar and a strong tenor and soprano. The singers don’t necessarily need to play an instrument. 

We also need a person who is good on the computer with Word and PDF to Word and help with song sheets plus work the projector when we finally get around to the performing side of things. There would be no need to be at every jam but a need to be at the performances.

Interested in having fun helping people?

Phone me Reg Clothier 0220114776 or 5620694