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On Saturday 10th June, 14 Weekend Walkers met at the Pyes Pa Road shopping Centre. We walked up the road into 12 Acre Wood to view Copper Crest Retirement Village from afar.

We continued on and viewed a new subdivision and the "Country Kids Day Centre". They have a lot of animals in the paddock joining the centre.   Rabits, Goats, Black Ram, Brown Cow , 2 pigs and more black and white cows. What a great way for children to learn about these animals. There is a very good walkway along a stream where we good view the animals and beside a lake we had morning tea.

We continued up a very steep Cheyne Rd viewing the Copper Crest homes. Many are built on very high retaining walls.

We waited  beside  a very large Norfolk Pine which is very prominent on the hill for the bus which was running very late. We did a detour to the Cemetary and along the way we viewed the building of many more houses and roads attached to the Lakes Subdivision bordering on Pyes Pa Road.

We finished the walk with coffee before heading on our individual ways.

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