Otanewainuku - Rimu track / Whataroa Falls track

It was a crisp start on a July morning but by the time our small group started walking the sun was warm and the sunlight filtering through the canopy high above the track was entrancing.

We started on the Rimu track. An impressive number of massive trees are close to the easy-walking track. Some huge specimens have crashed to earth, creating views that would easily fit into horror movies, with deep shadows and mysterious cavities.

We branched off the Rimu track onto the Whataroa Falls track. This track is a little more challenging with tree roots to look out for and slippery creek crossings. The track is well maintained and there was no nervousness, only comments about ageing joints and short legs. We’d chosen a good time to visit as the volume of water pouring over the Falls had been influenced by recent heavy rains. We ventured further for another view, this branch of the track was considerably more difficult – we had to stop for an energy top-up.

Why is it that the walk back always seems shorter? We all agreed that it does – except for that last incline just before the end.


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