Margaret and Mike Osbourne are offering courses in PhotoShop and Powerpoint, for further information contact one of the coordinators:


Raewyn Gallagher , Ph: 562 8375

Anne Withy.          , Ph: 579 0430

Christine Denne , Ph: 543 9483



Why use PhotoShop.

You can improve your photos with basic editing techniques.  Almost every photo looks better with a little sharpening.  Then consider the colour and the lighting.  All programs can reduce the fading and improve the contrast.  Often we take a photo with some unwanted clutter in the background.  It is often possible to remove this (including people!).

PhotoShop is an extremely powerful photo editing tool but the cost may be high.  Photoshop Elements can cost between $100-$250 depending on the version chosen.  Then there are some free download programs which are extremely useful and will probably do everything you want in basic techniques.

We can show you the results using a two free programs, Faststone and, and talk about the best one for you.


PowerPoint gives you the opportunity to play your photos, even videos, in a presentation possibly on your TV screen.  Put your genealogy photos together to form a moving family tree through the ages.  Show your holiday slides with animation clip art.  Make up scrap book pages to decorate a favourite photo.

You will have received animated Christmas and Birthday cards that are charming and lift your spirits, but they are not personal.  Make your own animated cards with your own photos, limited only by your imagination.

PowerPoint is part of the MS Office suite so if you have MDS Word you should have PowerPoint.