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This course is about you, your camera and the pictures you want to take.

Courses run over three sessions and are arranged as required. Click on read more for details.

New course starting 28th August 2017 for three lessons. Please contact the group co-ordinator

Tutor:    Brian Wood
Phone:   574 6323
Venue:   Arataki, near Bayfair.
Meetings:   First, Second and Fourth Monday of the month
Time:   1. 30 for a 1:45 start- 3:45 pm
Vacancies   Yes
To join this group - please contact Brian,

This is a basic course to learn how to use your digital camera. If you don’t have a camera, that is okay.

Lesson One; Knobs.
We enlarge an image of your camera and you will be given time to write your own notes as we explore what knobs do.

Lesson Two; Explore.
We explore photos we would like to take and discuss how to use your camera to take them.

Lesson Three; Photo Enhancing plus a recap. See 11 September 2017, Organising Photos, Faststone Image Viewer.

We combine the type of photo with the type of camera we have and ask and answer questions. Again with time for you to write notes you will understand.

Camera Basics Hard At Work

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