General Meeting - June

Date Fri 21 June
Time: 10.00 am – 12.00 noon
Venue: Wesley Church Hall, 100 13th Avenue
Entry Fee: $5.00
Guest Speaker: David Love Bay of Plenty Regional Council.
David has been a Councillor for nearly six years and he is the Deputy Chairman of both Civil Defence for the whole of the Bay and the Audit and Risk Committee. David’s talk will explain the functions of the Regional Council, which is responsible for all aspects of the environment including air quality, water quality, flood control, major roading etc.


Money Matters 

Money matters to all of us, so why not have a group to explore it, from Banks to Bitcoin and beyond? The group will set the agenda, then pool our collective knowledge to increase our understanding. It is important that all discussions be generic in nature, with no financial advice being given. Please contact Anne Briggs, 975 1888,  or Email 


Yoga for Mount/Papamoa

A very enthusiastic U3A member has approached us to set up a new Yoga group in Papamoa and is investigating the Recreation Centre at Gordon Spratt Reserve in Papamoa as to cost and availability. At present there are four people on a waiting list for this group if it forms although three of these members reside at the Mount. To be viable in terms of venue and tutor cost, there would need to be a minimum of 12-15 members. (Some people from the existing groups in Tauranga have indicated they may join this group as well.)

If you would be interested in possibly joining this group, please phone Christine on 543 9483 or Email

Suggested New Groups:

Mini Hikes 3, Mount/Papamoa needs 4 more members to commence. 

Yoga, Papamoa, the group would need 12-15 members to be viable. A possible venue is being investigated

Ukulele, Papamoa, We have an offer of a convener.


Contacts for queries about new groups:

Groups A to C             Raewyn Gallagher       562 8375

Groups D to H            Marianne lammers       021 804 403   

Groups I to P              Anne Briggs                975 1888

Groups R to Z             Christine Denne          543 9483


Groups needing new members: ( click for contact details )

Yoga 1

Words and Writing

Rialto 4

Opera Appreciation