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Featured is the Cycle Group. See photos from their latest ride HERE.


The Ancient History group discusses anything historical from prehistoric humans up to the Fall of Byzantium in 1453. Contact the convener, Chris Hector, ph 548 2704, to join this lively group

The Opera Appreciation 2 group would welcome more members. Meet the first Tuesday of the month. See the details HERE.

The Acoustic Performers group is looking for a person with Word skills to assist getting the sing a-long words on the screen. See the details HERE.

Wordpress Website group has vacancies. The first class have their websites published, now is the time to join the new intake and have a family blog or your own presence on the Internet. It is surpisingly simple! Details HERE.

Mini Hikes 2 group has been formed and has vacancies. Details HERE.

Google Applications

There is a new group planned around google applications, The convener will be  Don Mc Millan, and he stated that the general concept is that we look at all of the Google Applications, find out what they do and are capable of, and how we can use them in our own personal computer and internet lives.   The group plans to kick off in August, and at the first meeting things such as meeting day of the week an time of day will be discussed. If anyone is at all interested contact Don at  for expressions of interest.


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