Current Events  A is in need of a convenor in order to continue operating.  In the meantime it will go into recess, at least until March, so that this can be arranged.
The group would be very happy for someone to join this happy bunch, and take on the Convenor’s position.  Meetings are held in central Tauranga.
If you are interested, please phone  Anne Gudex:  574 3455 or Raewyn Gallagher: 562 8375

We discuss a wide range of matters of topical interest.  Each member usually has a subject to present for discussion which brings forth varied opinions.

Convener:    Anne Gudex
Phone:   574-3455
Venue:   Please contact the convener
Meetings:   2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month
Time:   10.00 a.m. - noon
Vacancies   No, unless you are applying to be convener!