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What is a website and how it works for U3A Tauranga
A website is a digital portal to an organisation.  It can be viewed on a computer, a tablet, an i-pad or a mobile phone. 
The organisation has no control over who views its website unless it uses a log-in for current members to view selected sections.  (Currently U3A Tauranga does not do this.)

The viewer uses the website to gain information about the organisation and what it offers and assumes that the information is true and current.  The U3A Tauranga website is run by the Web Group and they, through the webmaster, have a duty to U3A Tauranga, to maintain the integrity of the website.  It is important that they receive new information or changes to existing information as soon as possible to do this.  This can be done by emailing -
Many people use the website to choose and decide what interests they will participate in, whether to join U3A Tauranga, or if they are already members what groups appeal to them, so it is vital the information on the website is accurate.
Accuracy and Timeliness is the most important attribute of a website.