This course will be in recess in 2018 unless a new convener is found.

See the Read More below the shading for the lesson material. This group looks at the ways that the Microsoft Office Suite works, including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher.

The course has completed for the 2017 year, specific topics can be covered if requested.

Convener:    Vacant
Venue:   Members' homes as arranged.
Meetings:   First, Second and Fourth Monday of the month
Time:   1. 30 - 3:30 pm
Vacancies   Yes
To join the waiting list for this group - please contact Anne, Ph 579 0430 or Tap or Click to e-mail

 By the time the course is completed, the participants will know enough to become a competent user.

The group recorded some of its meetings, to mark the progress it imade. A PDF file (will open in a new window) of each session is available at these links:

26. 11th September 2017, Camera Basics, Composition

25. 4th September 2017, Images, Faststone Viewer

24. 21st August; Google Drive Slides and Tips

23. 14th August 2017, Paint.

22. 26th June 2017, Editing PDF files, Online Storage.

21. 12th June 2017, Outlook.

20. 29th May 2017, Make a PowerPoint Presentation.

19. 22th May 2017, Excel Shortcuts.

18. 15th May 2017, Backup.

17. 24th April 2017, Microsoft Publisher

16. 3rd April 2017, Microsoft PowerPoint.

15. 13th March 2017, Microsoft Excel, layout and printing.

14. 6th March 2017, Microsoft Excel, formula etc.

13.27th February 2017, Microsoft File types, formating etc.

12. 13th February 2017, Microsoft Office Set Up

11b. 12th September 2016, Google Apps

11a. 22nd August 2016, PowerPoint

11. 11th July 2016, Word Images

10. 27th June 2016, Page Layout, Shapes

9.  13th June 2016, Ribbon, Quick Access, Hyperlinks

8.  23rd May 2016, Page numbering and References

7.  9th May 2016. Insert Menu

6.  10th March 2016, Insert Menu

5.  29th February 2016, Numbering, Headers and Footers

4.  22nd February 2016, Practical Work

3.  8th February 2016, Microsoft Word

2.  23rd November 2015

1.  Notice of Initial Meeting

Other links that may help are;

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and a video 'Set Up Word' HERE,