This group would welcome any new members to this friendly and hospitable group. We like to explore all forms of creative art including architecture, mosaics and cultural expressions, along with the classical masters. We appreciate the diverse contributions each of us brings to our shared interest in Art History.

Convener:    Margaret Liddell
Phone:    07 570 0385
Sub Convener:    
Venue:   Tauranga / Otumoetai
Meetings:   2nd Wednesday of each month
Time:   1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.
Vacancies   Yes, contact the convener.
To join this group - please contact the convener.

•    Why do you like art?
•    Art has different meanings to different people.
•    What feelings do you have looking at art?
•    What kind of art are you REALLY interested in?