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Remember, You must be a financial member of U3A Tauranga to take part in group activities, Join Today and take part in the fun
U3A Tauranga has 100+ interest groups which are listed Here.
To find a group that fits in with your available time: Check the Daily Group Timetable
Because most groups meet in the members’ homes, membership numbers are of necessity limited. Many groups have been established for a long time and do not have vacancies. Read on to understand how U3A helps members join groups.
 Nothing seems to be available. The group you want to join has no vacancies or meets on the wrong day for you. What to do?
  • - To put your name on the waiting list, contact the Co-ordinator
  • - When approx. six people express interest in a full group, Group co-ordinators will begin a discussion to start a new group. 
  • - Please note: you must be a financial member of U3A to have your name added to a waiting list.