Executive Committee 2018

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Position Name Phone Email
President John Powell 575 4540 Email
Vice President Marianne Lammers 021 804 403  
Past President Vivienne Mills 574 3133  
Treasurer Elizabeth Reeves 562 2767 Email
Secretary Lati Moodie 574 9028 Email
Groups A – C Raewyn Gallagher 562 8375 Email
Groups D – H Raewyn Gallagher 562 8375 Email
Groups I - P Anne Withy 579 0430 Email
Groups R - Z Christine Denne 543 9483 Email
Membership Admin. Sheila Freer 576 5243 Email 
Speakers' Organiser Bruce Furze 579 1627  
Publicity Officer To be advised    
Almoner Angela Dold 571 6767 Email
Archivist To be advised    
Data Manager Jim Pryor 219 7840 Email
Equipment Manager Peter Simmons 576 0952  
Newsletter Editor Jan Holden 543 3747 Email 
Photographer Cliff Freer 578 9960  
Webmaster Jim Pryor 219 7840 Email

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Changes to personal details
If you change your address, email or phone number, please tell your group convener, or a group coordinator who will advise the membership secretary. Alternatively e-mail details to

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