The Web Development Group appreciate the complexity of having a dynamic, fully featured, layout that looks good and is consistent across all pages. One question, Documentation?

By building on work done years ago, when the Joomla! program was chosen, the web group have been able to keep abreast of the fast moving changes. These changes are;

  • The uptake of the Apple iPad as the first choice to browse the web.
  • Other brands of 'Tablet' devices.
  • Mobile Phones as a web browser.
  • Modern super enhanced graphics in most media today.
  • Slick, quick to load, presentation by modern web sites has become expected.

Documentation can only be a snapshot as at a certain date. Even writing the documentation leads to smarter presentation being added to the site.

Click here for documentation to commence discussion of what is needed.


Each title of a short article is prefixed with a number to segment the articles (but not consecutive within the segment so additions can be fitted in).

010 to 099 Principles of Joomla
100 to 149 Design and Colour, Logos etc.
150 to 199 Joomla Front End
200 to 249 Front End when Logged In
250 to 299 ACL Access Control Levels
300 to 349 Global Settings
350 to 399 Categories, Back End
400 to 449 Articles: Back End
450 to 499 Menus and navigation
500 to 549 Images, Media Manager
550 to 599 Modules
600 to 649 Web Hosting
650 to 699 FTP, File Transfer
700 to 799 HTML, CSS, Cascading Style Sheets
800 to 899 Components; Akeeba Backup
900 to 949 Templates
950 to 999 Spare