For our October session, the Photo Enhancing 2 group's topic was "Create Christmas Gifts using Photoshop".

In fact, this technique could be used for any birthday, celebration event, or special day. With the advent of high quality printing either in-house or at your local print shop, you can create beautiful gift images for family and friends.

Using Photoshop or Elements, we collaged together backgrounds, and elements such as lace and ribbons, fancy script text, and special paintbrushes - and of course our own images, to create a wonderful personalised gift. Inexpensive frames can be bought at the local red barn, and my 20th anniversary gift to my son and daughter-in-law was printed on good quality photographic paper at the Copyman print shop in Greerton for the princely sum of $15! Final size was 28x36 cms.

Here is the final image:

PE2 image 1


Here is a Movie Poster I designed for my granddaughter's engagement - by the way she is the little girl in the gold dress:

PE2 image 2


Here is a photographic collage I did for their wedding gift:

PE2 image 3


And a Christmas gift for my daughter:

PE2 image 4


And a family group:

PE2 image 5


The options are endless .... you just need some Photoshop or Elements magic!

Happy Photoshoping!

Margaret Marsh
Convenor Photo Enhancing 2