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Reasons for registering.

Simplicity the key.

 Responses to date:

What is the purpose of the web site?

How to put something on the web site?

How do I remove something from the web site and where does it go?

Visual Consitency is important, how do you maintain that?

The layout of the web page, is there a set pattern?

Images, can I upload them? How are they positioned?

What is html and CSS, do I need to learn about them?

I have read about Joomla, what are the different elements; Categories, Articles, Menus? 

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Why the Executive Committee and committee support need to be registered to use the U3A Web Site.

There are levels of access available.

The Group Co-ordinators need to be able to add, amend and unpublish details.

The committee needs to be able to monitor the content where the Group Conveners or nominated person are given access to a specific section if they choose to use the web site for news or for notices of forthcoming group meetings. This area can be restricted with access to Registered Users only.  An example is the Photography Groups can upload photos received prior to a meeting and then publish them to the wider web after the meeting without uploading them again.


Simplicity is the Key. Read a frightening description of simplicity here.

Do not be frightened, a little exploration of the web site and you will find it is really simple. If you want a copy of the web site on your computer to experiment with contact the



What is the purpose of the web site?

 People use the Internet for information. Here we provide comprehensive information about U3A Tauranga to prospective members.

The web site gives the Executive Committee immediacy for disseminating information.

Articles, Noticeboards and Galleries keep members informed.


 To remove an article from the web

Log in to the front end – go to the bottom of the home page and select ‘log in’ fill in the log in details.001LogIn

Select from the main menu where the article resides eg ‘Noticeboards’.

Note the layout of the page will change.

On the right side of each article a small wheel and downward arrow appears in a coloured box.  These indicate you are in edit mode.002Article

Select the article you want to edit/remove (in this example remove) and select the ‘small wheel’ edit indicator, click and a new coloured box appears.

 If you wish to remove the article from the web page  select ‘publishing’ from the menu at the top,004Publish
then scroll down the left hand column to ‘status’ and select ‘publish’.
A new selection will appear, select ‘unpublish’. 007Choice
To complete, go up the column to ‘save’ and this will remove the article from the web page and return you to the position where you began your edit.  You will notice that the article now has an orange tag ‘unpublished’.
 This is not visible when viewed by anyone not logged in.  The article remains in place but unpublished until the webmaster or deputy decides as to where it will eventually reside.