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A short, interactive course for beginners, comprising three sessions – one a week for three weeks. You will be encouraged to learn a bit more about your camera – whatever it may be, from a cell phone to a complex DSLR. Discover that the gear is less important than the brain behind it! The course also covers the why and how of photography. Learn something about composition, focus on focusing, get exposed to exposure!

Photography is a combination of thought, imagination, visual design, technical skills and practical organising ability, so come along and discover some of the technical skills. The first step to creating fabulous images is to learn to use the tools to the best of your ability.

Limited to a maximum of six people, the course will be run when enough people enrol.

Convener / Tutor:     Neville Harlick
Venue / Meetings:    Convener will advise
Vacancies   Yes
To join the list for this group, please contact Neville to
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