Dear Sir
A question was raised at the November general meeting regarding the morning teas provided by Maungatapu Kindergarten. When  did it start etc. ?

I waited for some other aged person nearer to the microphone to answer  but before I could put in my pennyworth the moment had passed.
  So here is the answer.  I was on the U3A committee early in the 2000’s when a couple called Mr and Mrs Adams did the morning tea for a small number of members on a voluntary basis.  The members grew in number,  and as Mr & Mrs Adams grew older  they reluctantly resigned from the job.
The committee was then obliged to come up with an alternative provider.
Having been associated with kindergartens and play centres for many years I suggested getting Maungatapu Kindergarten to do the catering. They were the closest to 14th Avenue at the time, would always be looking for funding and the parents would be moving on with their children so there would be a regular annual change of people required to do the catering.  They were approached, consulted and accepted. The rest is history.
They have supplied wonderful morning teas over the years and I believe they not only enjoy it but have benefited from it for many years.
This should be in the 2000 to 2005 minutes for verification
Ena Hay