This group provides the opportunity for members with some experience in playing the ukulele to meet for a weekly jam session on a Monday afternoon.

Convener:   Eileen Ammann  
Phone:   576 3183
Co-Convener:   June Pharo 
Phone:   542 3114
Venue:   Pavilion in Cliff Road (along from the Rose Gardens)
Cost   $2 to cover the venue
Meetings:   Every Monday
Time:   1.30 pm - 3.30 pm
Vacancies   No
    To have your name added to a waiting list for this group, please contact the coordinator - Contact details here
Group Updates:
Eileen Ammann’s Ukulele Group tried websites like Zoom and Messenger to try and get something going but it all proved too difficult trying to keep in time. We certainly could have done with a tech savvy person who could possibly have made it happen. Once we got to Level 3, four or five of the members enjoyed meeting up on several occasions in each other’s homes but although it was enjoyable, they missed the noise that the rest of the gang provides. It is now great being back together again in a new venue.