As well as showing DVD's the group intends to go to live performances

Convener:    Kathleen Fraser
Phone:   576 2175
Co-Convener   Margaret Osbourn
Phone:   544 3865
Venue:   Hairini
Meetings:   1st Wednesday of each month
Time:   1.00 pm
Vacancies   Yes
To join this group - please contact the Convener
Group Updates:
Kathleen Fraser reports that the Ballet Appreciation group was unable to function during lockdown, but they had their first re-start meeting on 3 June. Some members were not ready to meet in the close environs of a home just yet, but the attendance numbered 5 out of the 9 members. They have had one resignation and would welcome maybe one or two more members. Kathleen thanked the Group Coordinator for her communications and TV viewing ideas during lockdown.