Areas of interest could include recent advances in medicine, physics, neuroscience, agriculture, zoology, ecology, etcetera - anything that doesn’t intrude on the existing Astronomy or Geology groups.  An existing knowledge of science subjects is not needed.

Convener:   Kate Mulligan
Phone:    576 9714
Venue:   Members’ Homes as arranged
Meetings:   2nd Tuesday of the month
Time:   9.45 am - 12 noon.
Vacancies   No
    To have your name added to a waiting list for this group, please contact the coordinator - Contact details here
Group Updates:
The group did not have Zoom meetings during lockdown. In the early days of lockdown one of their members created and distributed an Excel file on which members could plot the daily number of Covid-19 cases on a graph if they wished. Members finding interesting information on the internet sent links to Kate Mulligan that she distributed to all and they started meeting again from 9 June.