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Areas of interest could include recent advances in medicine, physics, neuroscience, agriculture, zoology, ecology, etcetera - anything that doesn’t intrude on the existing Astronomy or Geology groups. An existing knowledge of science subjects is not needed.

Convener   John Denne
Phone:   543 9483
Venue:   Members' homes as arranged
Meetings:   3rd Wednesday of each month
Time:   10.00 am – 12 noon
Vacancies   No
    To have your name added to a waiting list for this group, please contact the coordinator - Contact details here
Group Updates:
The convener, John Denne, was stuck down in Christchurch during lockdown but the group got together for morning tea in a café on 15 June for a catch up prior to their first post-covid-19 meeting on 17 June.


 See here for an aricle on The Earths Ocean Tides