The Sea
This is an endless subject, covering the make-up of the sea, animals/fish species, fishing, surfing, life-saving, all boats - e.g. tug boats, yachts, WWII ships, submarines, cruise liners - famous wrecks, tides, ghost ships etc – should be interesting and fun.

Convener:   Patricia (Pat) Chainey
Phone:   562 3366 or 021 124 8271
Venue:   Pyes Pa area
Meetings:   2nd Tuesday of the month
Time:   2.00 pm - 3.30 pm
Vacancies   No
    To have your name added to a waiting list for this group, please contact the coordinator - Contact details here
Group Updates:
Pat Chainey did a bit of emailing and a few phone calls to keep in touch with the Sea Group. A meeting was held on the first day of Level 1. Pat had promised chatting and afternoon tea and that went well as they found themselves again. John Maunder did a “minute” talk on the future of cruising but most wanted to get back to talking about what they did over the lockdowns. Most told Pat as they left, “Gosh I enjoyed this afternoon”. She was glad she held the afternoon meeting.