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SUPA-NZ is asking for your support to please promote this Leading Edge Event,

because living longer is a new experience and there is much to talk about.

We expect a broad attendance including mature and older people, pakeke, kuia, kaumatua and matua

along with thought leaders, educators, social service providers and policy makers and business innovators

The Successful Ageing Symposium is a collaboration with the Bay of Plenty District Health Board and Tauranga City Council

We will be doing an adult voyage from Tauranga – Napier on the 14th November – 17th November 2019.

Would it be possible to please advise your adventurous members of this voyage.

All details and bookings can be made directly here - https://www.spiritofadventure.org.nz/voyages/voyage/public-coastal

If you have any questions I am happy for you to share my contact details with your members so they are able to contact me directly.

Tauranga Continuing Education Group aims to Providing older people with an opportunity to listen to prominent New Zealanders discussing topics of interest.  Many of the speakers come from the University of Waikato and others from business and local organisations. Meetings are held at the Otumoetai Baptist Church, 241 Otumoetai Road, Tauranga, commencing at 10.00am 3rd Tuesday of the month.

For 2018 speaker details see the web site HERE

House of Science need volunteers for driving and to help fix some broken equipment. If you can help, check their website for further information:


or contact Pam:

Pam Bassett GM House of Science Tauranga

1/100 Grey Street Tauranga

07 5710711


G Chrome
A malicious Chrome extension is spreading, and it's capable of stealing everything typed inside a browser window. Here's what to look out for before it spreads.
Catch-All spreads by telling the recipient that someone has sent them photos through WhatsApp. When the victim clicks on a link to the photos they're instead prompted to download WhatsApp.exe, which is actually an installer for the Catch-All extension.

(A very, very short) Story of the Origins of English

By Angela Dold, Convenor – U3A Creative Writing

I’d like to start with a little Medieval lyrical poem called the Cuckoo Song:

Sumer is icumen in;
Lhude sing cuccu!
Groweth sed, and bloweth med.
And springth the wude nu.
Sing cuccu!

The Web Site Development Group wants you to know about the Netsafe web site.

Netsafe is an independent not for profit New Zealand organisation focused on online safety.

We provide online safety help, support, expertise and education to people in New Zealand. We’ve been around for almost 20 years, and there’s a bit of history behind how we got to where we are today.

ransomware feature
U3A Tauranga Web Development Group heard a very interesting talk giving practical advice about on-line protection. Terry Hawker has made the text available so we can all be better informed. Read or download the PDF file HERE.

Old Friends are Precious.
By Angela Dold

Like me, I suppose many of you have had family visiting over the holidays but like me do you breathe a sigh of relief when they’ve gone? You can control your life again. You get control of the TV remote.

Members are invited to submit articles for the web site.
E-mail your article to . Articles can be any topic, about 100 to 200 words and can include images.

What is a website and how it works for U3A Tauranga
A website is a digital portal to an organisation.  It can be viewed on a computer, a tablet, an i-pad or a mobile phone. 

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What is a website and how it works for U3A Tauranga
A website is a digital portal to an organisation.  It can be viewed on a computer, a tablet, an i-pad or a mobile phone.