Report from the Acoustic Performers Group,
February 1st saw the birth of a new group in U3A, The Acoustic Performers Group. We had our first get together at Cliff Road Hall yesterday with 12 attending but I know this will grow very quickly to our limit of 35.

The afternoon went off well and will only get better as we get more established
Led by myself and Lang Pringle as my co-convenor this group was formed to fill a number of needs within U3A and the community.
There being no group in U3A for guitar, banjo or mandolin players this group gives such players the opportunity to jam together with ukulele players like Lang and myself. Our music will be of many different genres depending on our audience but will include brackets of Music Hall, country, folk, Irish, Scottish, country rock, rock and roll, ballads and hits from the 60’s, 70,s and 80’s. If it’s easily recognisable and good sing-a-long material we will consider it for our repertoire.  
We intend to lead sing -a –longs out in the community to assist individuals and organizations to raise funds. It could be a teenager needing money to go towards an Outward Bound course or a play group needing equipment. The idea is they supply the venue, sell tickets and get to keep all profits. They would probably put on a light supper with help from family and friends; maybe everyone brings a plate and a bottle. We lead the singing over three 45 minute brackets using a big screen for the audience to follow. We will do that for free.
There may be some solo acts and a bit of comedy much along the lines of Music Hall and Beer Fests. Not only is the audience going to have a wonderful night but so are we!
Joining our group doesn’t compel you to do these concerts. We may have to choose performers by audition anyway as it would be limited to 12-15 depending on the venue. If you just want to come along for the jam sessions that’s fine. We meet 1pm-4pm the first and third Wednesday of each month at Tauranga’s Cliff Road Hall, [ Near the petanque park ] 
Also required are strong vocalists, 2 male and 2 female,[ not necessarily musicians ] to join us  and  someone to operate the big screen and computer at the jams. We have someone for the shows but she works full time unfortunately.
So come along before the group fills up. 
Reg Clothier  Convenor ph 0220114776  email;
Co-convener    Lang Pringle Ph 5765551