The May meeting of the Travel Group learnt about Italy and gained some insight into tours available.


Eileen and Jan gave us an interesting talk and showed some wonderful photographs of their trip to Italy. 20170525image5

They had put the tour together themselves along with another friend and covered many of the “must see” places in that country including Rome, Venice, Florence and the Cinque Terre.20170525image1

They went on a cooking course at one point and then had the pleasure of eating what they had just made.   Food and admiring some of the most unusual Italian shoes were two of the main features of the tour.   Apparently “if you need to ask the price of the shoes then you can’t afford them”!


No. 8 Tours
After the break Andy Somerville from No. 8 Tours gave us a good in-sight into the tours they have to offer which were very varied both in places to visit and the length of the tours.   There were tours across the ditch, mystery tours, trips to shows and various theme based trips all over New Zealand – something for everyone!