Writers' Inc was born out of Chris Parkes' Memoir Writing group from 2014. When Chris moved away from Tauranga some of us wanted to continue writing in a group and I took on the convenor's role. Since then one member has died and two others have left, having completed all they wanted to write.

I also run the Memoir Writing courses and as each group finishes the 6 sessions they usually carry on writing together with one person taking on the role of convenor. Any members from those groups are welcome to apply to join Writers' Inc if the rest of their group finish their own writing and the group dissolves.


Writers Inc Nov 2018

There are currently eight members of Writers' Inc which is a comfortable number. We take it in turns to host our monthly meetings (9:45 - 12 noon ) where we share morning tea and our recent writing and others are invited to comment (positively). Stories are many and varied and often stimulate the rest of us to write our own experiences on a similar topic. We work on the principle of writing until you feel you have finished all you want to write, then retire from the group. One member, Glenne Findon, has won two writing competitions with her memoirs! Congratulations, Glenne! Members of Writers' Inc 2018 enjoying a shared lunch together after our final meeting, on the 23 November. Left to right: Glenne Findon, Lovonne Campbell, Elizabeth Attwood, Christine Allum, Margaret Liddell, Judith Callow, Jean Akers, Val Hector.