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Did you know Microsoft could be using your computer to update others?

Microsoft Windows updates include the free update to version 10. Lately this has been in a form that hijacks your computer and loads windows 10 even though you simply close the annoying 'pop-up'.

If you read the pop-up you will find you can access a second screen where you can choose not to update to windows 10. However the pop-up will return unless you edit the registry, see the footer to this article.

Windows 10 could be using your computer to update others.

Tap or click here for a PDF copy of one web article that advises Windows 10 then uses your computer to update others.

Note that setting your computer settings to "Metered" could save you using some of your internet allowance. This applies to Windows 7 and onwards.


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As a footer, Web articles are available to alter the registry to stop your computer updating to 10.

Updating to WIndows 10 is recommended, unless you have a really good reason.