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Articles must conform to basic rules to maintain a consistent look to the web site.

U3A Tauranga Privacy Policy requires all Conveners and others use Bcc when e-mailing groups of members,

How to Create a Blind Copy Mailing List in Gmail by Julius Vandersteen

How to Send Out Email Without Showing Addresses

To assist Conveners who may want to use their computers or devices to maintain the group records, or Co-ordinators who have to keep in touch with multiple groups, here is an option using Google Sheets.

Type your questions into Google or Bing and then check the links which appear.  If you don’t have any success, re-think your question, word it differently and try again.

An article from the Internet to help us with our writing style for web site articles.

PowerPoint taken from a JDUK17 talk is HERE

Setting up mail accounts.

Screen captures showing Outlook as a mail client. Fill in the Reply email with the sender's address.

Port 80 in use on Windows 10 computer: 
You can find used port from Windows Firewall.
Click Start > Settings > Netwok and Internet > Windows Firewall
In the left pane, click Advanced Settings
In Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, click Inbound Rules.
Find Local Port 80 with Protocol TCP. in my case is "World Wide Web Services (HTTP Traffic-In)"
Once you find it, stop or disable that rule from Windows Services (World Wide Web Publishing Service).
if needed restart your pc.

What is SQL (Structured Query Language) and how is it important for the web site? (A question from a member)
Data and Databases.

If the websites of today need to cater to an increasingly multi-device using audience, then there are some basic principles and best practices that should be followed to ensure those sites are ready to properly handle these visitors and that they rank well in search engines.

If you have upgraded and lost spell check on your Windows 10 / Outlook.Com/Hotmail.