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Setting up mail accounts.

Screen captures showing Outlook as a mail client. Fill in the Reply email with the sender's address.


The follow sequence happens:

2017.01.14 15h14m46s

The More Settings is completed

2017.01.14 15h15m32s

Outgoing Server 'Log on using' is completed.

2017.01.14 15h19m13s


Test Account Settings, see the first screen capture. All checks okay except for the  Internet Security Warning.

2017.01.14 15h36m24s

View Certificate shows the certificate in question. Some relate to Virus Checkers but the prblem one is the GoDaddy certificate.

2017.01.14 15h36m59s

Install Certificate is slected which opens the wizard.2017.01.14 15h37m29s

Automatically select setting used.

2017.01.14 15h40m40s

Sucess message received.

2017.01.14 15h41m15s

User Logs Out, and even with a computer close down, the Security Certificate Message reappears. Image time, 6 minutes after the prior screen capture, the time it takes to close down, power off, restart.

2017.01.14 15h47m27s