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To assist Conveners who may want to use their computers or devices to maintain the group records, or Co-ordinators who have to keep in touch with multiple groups, here is an option using Google Sheets.

The advantage of using the script outlined below is that each member receives an individual e-mail, there is no risk of other members e-mail addresses being included.

Google Sheets requires a Google Account.

There are many ways of accessing Google Sheets, once you have one set up SAVE A LINK to access it in the future.

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Google Sheets commands are mostly the same as Excel.

All members who want more information should request, through a co-ordinator, that a course be run.

A suggested layout is:

screen (1)

Google Sheets or an Excel Spreadsheet can maintain a running calculation of the attendance.



A script template is avaiable for download, coupled with a youtube tutorial, that can have the email addresses copied into it. The template allows a message to be added to go to all, plus the abilty to add individual messages as needed.

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The shaded cells must not be overtyped. The clear cells are for the content you add.

Select the e-mail addresses from the Google Sheets or an Excel Spreadsheet and paste them into the column under the 'Email Address' heading. If the spreadsheet contains individual information, in one column, you want to send; copy that and paste into the column under 'Indivdualised Messages'. Individual messages could be typed in, remember if you want a new line you must 'Alt Enter' within the message.

Cell '1B' is where the heading for the message is typed.

Under the 'Common Message' heading is where the message to all is typed, remember if you want a new line you must 'Alt Enter' within the message.

Google saves as you work. So the next meeting the e-mail addresses and text are still available to just edit the date and choose 'SendEmails' button.

If required, column 'I' can be expanded to view the message for checking. Do not overtype column 'I', make any ammendments in the Clear Cells.

screen (5)

Once all is correct go to the Google Sheets buttons and click on SendEmails. Confirm.

The first time Google will check that you want to access the necessary modules, this is remembered and not be asked everytime.

screen (4)

Here is an example of the e-mail received.

screen (6)

 The youtube article explaining the script is

If you would like to explore this further please contact a co-ordinator and request a course.