Weekend Walkers and the Cycle Group and friends Adventure to Barnetts  Bush 14th Jan.

18 persons in 5 cars met at 9.30am at Tauriko. As many/most had no idea where we were going I travelled in a separate car to Bob.

We drove over the Kaimais through Putaruru and on the road to Arapuni we turned off and drove 10kms to Waotu and then to Barnetts Bush. This area was given to South Waikato District Council by the Barnett family. A lot of native trees have been planted over 20 years by Forest and Bird, Putaruru Walking Group of which Bob and I are members, the PD (Correction) boys and others to make this and the tracks an interesting place to visit.

After lunch under the trees we drove about 5kms to the start of another portion of the Waikato River Trails. We walked a short distance and could see the Waikato River and Swaps Quarry 2kms below. Unfortunately the trees have grown and the views not that great. Some did walk down the track a short distance and others just sat and waited.

At this point 2 cars went to Tirau for their coffee fix and 3 cars drove to Jones Landing to a camp ground where some were tenting and swimming in the river. Then we drove to Arapuni and walked the swing bridge and another part of the Waikato River Trails.

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This was a great adventure and we plan to have  many more. I think we have some new members from Bobs Cycle group joining us in the future

Thank you all for coming, Nancye