U3A Tauranga maintains this web site

home page

The Menu is horizontal under the heading.

Each Menu Item is a category and generates its own Menu on the left side of the pages.  These menus are dynamic, as articles are added or deleted the menu changes.

Home:  The landing page, with details of the next meeting, an ‘About U3A’ article plus content that is immediate  and is changed frequently.  These are called featured articles.

U3A:  About U3A and includes the newsletters

Groups:  Here are the details of each group.  Each is an individual article, easily edited.  The grouping used in the handbook is carried through, each group being a child category of Interest & Course Groups category.

New Groups:  Similar to Groups, these are the suggested new groups

Forum:  A Category for members to submit content.  This will be moderated by Angela Dold.

Galleries:  The Photo Groups have this space to display the Months Images.  Other photo content could also be included.

Group Noticeboards:  A new section where those interested can submit group details, either future information like the film lists or reports of what the group has done.  At present this is in the same grouping as the handbook but a further sub category could be considered if there were clashes.

Links:  Includes ‘What is on in Tauranga’.

Contact Us:  Included on the right side is an alphabetic listing of the groups, again dynamic so as groups are added or deleted the list updates.

Breadcrumbs Trail


Under the Menu is the ‘Breadcrumbs Trail’,  to show where you are on the site. A click at any point on the trail returns you to that page.

Log In Menu.


At the bottom of the screen is another horizontal menu, plus in the lower right a link to the top of page.

When a member has logged in additional menu button appear,   ‘Edit Profile’ and ‘Create Article’.

At present there is no ability for people to register to log into the site.  All members who need to access the site have to be set up by an administrator.


Clicking Log In brings the Log In screen, with the option to recover details, these are sent to the email  registered to the member.