Checklist for Website U3A Tauranga: Adding or Altering a Group Listing.

A printable PDF file of this article (click here) allows you to have a checklist to work from.

Collect the information:

•    Description, is it time sensitive, does it read correctly.

•    Convener

•    Phone

•    Sub convener

•    Phone

•    Venue

•    Venue and/or Tutor cost

•    Meeting Dates

•    Meeting Times

•    Vacancies, who to contact.

Add a new Article or locate the article that needs altering or unpublishing if the group is in recess.

•    Complete the addition or alteration, or unpublish. A sample ‘ZZ’ exists to use, save as a copy before altering

•    Category, scroll past the ‘Interest and Course Groups Category’ to the categories, Suggested groups have a category, scroll down

•    Go to the Publishing page, add an Author who is the Co-ordinator, an Author Alias ‘vacancies’ if required. (Author Alias ‘vacancies’ used as a filter for the Vacancies page)

•    Complete the Meta Data on the Publishing Page

•    Save and Close

Daily Group Timetable must be amended

•    This requires scrolling to the day, then the group. Ideally keep an addition in Alpha order.

•    Deleting a group, the editor has a button to delete the selected row

•    Adding a group, the editor bar allows a row to be inserted above or below the current row

•    Adding a link, highlight the title and use the editor link button to link to the article just published

•    Save and close

Log Out

Check the Web Site, remember to refresh (F5)

•    Latest Articles; if a new group will take you to the article

•    Groups by Category, should show the alteration just made

•    Alpha Group Listing, is the group in the correct place?

•    Vacancies should show, or not show, the group if there are vacancies

•    Daily Group Timetable, check the link works. The days listed at the top will take you to the day, (but only when you are not editing).

Ensure you have logged out before leaving the web site. If in doubt Log back in and log out.