How do we have the group alpha list in 3 columns?
The columns are based on the co-ordinator, A to C, D to L, M to Z.

Change the CSS for 4 columns = 24%, 5 Columns = 19%

•    Each group is an article and each group article has the ‘Author’ set to the co-ordinators name.
•    3 modules are made, type Articles – Category,
•    Filtering options tab, Category as ‘ – Interest and Course Groups Category’
Author Filtering Type, Inclusive (use Exclusive if you wanted articles where there was no Author Alias)
•    Author is the Co-ordinator Joomla User Name
The position of a module is usually set by the template. To get the three modules side by side overtype the position with a unique identifier for each module.

The article body HTML reads;
<div class="alphaGroups">

<div class="alphaGroups"> </div>
<div class="alphaGroups"> </div>”


CSS is
“.alphaGroups {
             float: left;
             display: inline-block;