U3A Tauranga Privacy Policy requires all Conveners and others use Bcc when e-mailing groups of members,

Outlook has changed.  Some users will have updated to the version where Mail and Contacts are in two different places. Contacts are now called 'People'.

If you have the original Outlook click here.

If you use Gmail click here.


The following screen shots show a Windows 7 screen. With Windows 8; open a web browser (Internet Explorer) and type the following into the address bar, replacing the text starting http.


You should see the sreen titled 'People'

2014.11.04 16h17m49s

Most users will not see the log in screen, you only have to log into Microsoft once.

2014.11.04 16h19m42s
Have the 'People' screen with the options 'New', 'Manage' etc visible.

The 'New' drop down gives the option to add a new group.

2014.11.04 16h20m53s
'Save' is at the bottom of the screen.

2014.11.04 16h21m24s
To add Contacts to the group open the contact.

2014.11.04 16h23m06s
With a Contact open, select 'Groups' 'Add to groups' and click the group box appropriate.

It is possible to tick the boxes to the left of 'People' you want to add, with a number selected you can follow the steps to add them to a 'Group'.

Sending a 'BCC' e-mail.

Click 'New', the usual way to start an e-mail. Look for the 'Bcc' above the right end of the address box.



 You need to put your address in the 'To' box, then click on 'Bcc' to open the 'Bcc' box.

Select the Group Name, it will appear as a 'People/Contact' name.  To see the names in the Group you click on a small plus sign at the head of the Group name. Hover your mouse over the name to see the e-mail address.



 'Live Mail', the new Outlook, is not stored on your computer, you can access your mail and 'People' (Contacts) from any Internet computer, with your Microsoft User Name and Password.


Original Oulook



Gmail Users