20170301 8757
Eight members of Hikers 1 assembled at the Karangahake Gorge Carpark. Spirits are rather dampened and raincoats donned at the prospect of the rain setting in.

20170224WW 5196
Whilst the cycle group were cycling to Cambridge and the Avantidrome 3 Weekend Walkers walked along the walkway along side the lake in the opposite direction.

20170224 02034
U3A Tauranga Cycle Group met at the International Rowing Centre Friday 24th February. 18 cyclists followed the cycle trail to Cambridge and on to the Velodrome and return.

20170217 1120331

U3A Mini hikers trip to Waiorongomai 22 Feb 2017

The weather was good for the Mini hikers 2nd hike of the year to Waiorongomai.

U3A Travel Group Meeting Thursday, 23 February 2017, was the  first for the year.

Kerry Bowden gave us a brief description of the group she belongs to in Tauranga called “Friendship Force” which is part of an international organisation.

20170207 7526
Twelve members of Photography Group 1 started the year with a field trip to Omokoroa and invited members of the Photo Fun Group to join us as well.

20170215 01979Hikers 1, Aongatete Long Loop, 15 February 2017.

This time our group of eleven walked the track clockwise - previously we did it anti-clockwise. The first half or so is a steady climb on a fairly good track with not too many tree roots to avoid tripping over.

20170201 8692

Ideal weather prevailed forHikers 1 first tramp of 2017 and what better venue than the Tarawera Trail.

20170211 5039
February 11th Weekend Walkers welcomed 5 new members, 20 persons went on our first walk for 2017 to Aongatete Bush.

20170210 01771
U3A Tauranga Cycle Group commenced at the start of the Daisy Hardwick shared walkway, through McCardell's bush to Waihi Road and continued the Waikareao Estuary circuit.

On 9th February 2017, twenty members of Hikers 2 group, including three new members on their first outing with us, completed the spectacular Kohi Reserve walk.

20170208 112030120170208 1120301
I took a few photos yesterday on our First Mini Hikers' U3A Walk.  We had two visitors - a
Canadian and a Indonesian who are both out visiting members of our group.